July Artists Pt. 2

The Second Artist For the month of July is Tech N9ne.


Tech n9ne, An underground rapper from Kansas City, Missouri, is another well respected underground rapper. Tech N9ne, is well known for his fast flows, and his edgey look, style, and lyrics. Tech also known as Aaron D. Yates, developed his style way back when he was a kid, and was made to write rhymes on the weekends. All through highschool chased rapping fantasies, while dealing drugs, and gang banging. In 1999 Tech got his big break, by being on the track "The Anthem" By Sway and King Tech, Featuring other, now extremely well known artists, such as Eminem, legendary rapper KRS-One[Boogie Down Productions], RZA, Xzibit, Pharaohe Monch, Kool G Rap, Jayo Felony,and Chino XL.(click here for song+ vid) Later in 1999, Tech released his first album "The Calm before the storm". The album, drew little attention, except in a few areas in the midwest. Then in 2001 Tech released his second album, "The Worst". Again, his album drew little attention except in the midwest. Tech returned to his work in the studio, and returned with "Anghellic" In 2001. By this time, his fanbase was growing slowly. Tech returned to the studio, and came back in 2002, with two different albums. He released "Celcius" in early 2002, then he released "Absolute Power" Later in 2002. The album Celcius didnt do as large as Tech had been aiming, But his album "Absolute Power" gained him a larger fanbase very quickly. In 2003, Tech re-released his album " Anghellic" , placing new tracks on it aswell to express his anger toward peoples responce to him, and renaming it "Anghellic: The Reparation. Two years later, Tech came out with the album "Vintage Tech" The album "Vintage Tech" contained many unreleased tracks, aswell as tracks that were originals, but had been edited to be put on past albums. In 2006 Tech released his long awaited album "Everready: The Religeon", after announcing it in 2002 shortly after the release of "Absoloute Power". Again, with this album Tech continued to gain a larger Fanbase. In 2007 Tech Released "Misery Loves Kompany". This album, was an exclusive collaborations tape, that contained Tech N9ne tracks, with collaborations from his label " Strange Music". Now, in 2008 Tech released the album "Killer". Tech stated that this is his best work yet, and that he made the album, as if it were going to be his last album.

Tech N9ne, Classifies "Anghellic" as his first true album. He was signed to the record label "J-core" at the time. J-core released his album "Anghellic" and then they went bankrupt on that album. Tech re-released "Anghellic" and called it "Anghellic: The Reparation" , because he was bassically saying,"repay me for what you owe me". Tech says this because J-core took about $400,000.00 of Tech's, and Travis’ money's ,money. After that, its what fueled Tech to do the album "Absoloute power. It came from "Anghellic. After he re-released "Anghellic" he began having all sorts of problems. He was falling out with his friends, Abusing drugs and nearly dying.Tech's fanbase mainly grew after "Absoloute power".
Tech's fanbase is mainly white people, which affects him deeply. Tech does his music, for his people. He does alot of it for the african american people. When he does shows though, very few of them are there. He was once asked why he thought that his fanbase was mainly white people. He responded by saying "I think it’s the image, for one. I’m a Black dude with red spiked hair. A lot of niggaz don’t dye their hair. I guess I’m a different type of nigga." He states that his image came about, because of his drug use. He used to use extreme ammounts of drugs, and he says it drove him crazy, and "made him do crazy shit". Due to his drug use, Tech was once committed into a mental hospital. He often references this in his songs by saying "668884699" or "sixty six, triple eight, fourty six, ninety nine, three".

Mainly, the only way you can describe Tech n9ne, is Insane. His lyrics, and flow is untouchable. He is untouchable on the mic. His fast flows, his normal flows, with massive ammounts of multiple rhymes packed into each line, spitting[rapping] about his pain. How it affects his family life, how he lost his wife from being on the road, how people turn their backs on him, how people hate on him, his close brushes with death. His style is original, and is deffinately something that people should pay attention to. He continues to grow in popularity, and has support of the California Bay rapper Yukmouth. So expect to see more about tech n9ne as the years go on.

Albums+ Tracklists:

The Calm Before The Storm[1999]:

Planet Rock 2K (Down South Remix)
Cloudy-Eyes Stroll (Remix)
Flipside (Rough Version)
Mizzizy Gets Bizzy (ft. Don Juan)
On Our Way To L.A. (ft. Don Juan)
Spend The Night (ft. Paul Law and Rock Money)
Clueless (ft. Larone Burnette and Solé)
Questions (Rough Draft)
Now It's On (ft. Lejo)
Bitch Sickness (ft. Phats Bossilini and Rame Royal)
Soldiers At War (ft. Big Scoob, Don Juan, L.V. and Short Nitty)
Cotton Soldier
Mitchell Bade (Interlude)
Mitchell Bade (ft. Bakarii

The Worst[2001]:

Trauma (featuring Hannible Bear Lector & Rock Money)
Planet Rock 2K (Original Version)
Thugged Out (featuring Gonzoe, Phats Bossilini, Poppa L.Q. & Yukmouth)
Walk These Shoes
They're All Gonna Laugh At You
Mad Confusion (featuring Hannible Bear Lector)
One Night Stand
Get Blowed
I Didn't Lie (featuring Lamani)
Mind Of A Killer
The Worst (featuring Law & Kemani)
S.I.M.O.N. Says
Fucked Up Day (Interlude)(Performed by Charmelle Cofield)
Fucked Up Day (featuring Paul Law)


The Reparation:


He Wanna Be Paid
Call Girlz (feat. Don Juan)
Be Warned
Boss Doggs (feat. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians)
Sprung (feat. Don Juan)
All I Want
Nasty Girl (feat. Don Juan, L.V. and Rock Money)
Pop That Thang (performed by Macc James)
Shoot Tha Shit (feat. Bigbear and Don Juan)
Ride Wit Me (performed by 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians feat. Severe)
Blue Streak
We Dem Boyz (performed by Jok3r)
Mizery (feat. Macc James)
Celcius (Cold As Ice) (feat. Don Juan)

Absoloute Power[2002]:

Vintage Tech[2005]:


Misery Loves Kompany[2007]:


Download-Tech N9ne- This Is Me
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