Censorship of personailty

You've almost all had it happen to you unless you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth. You go to school and something you are wearing, whether it be a hooters t-shirt or an awesome band logo; A teacher goes up to you and claims it's gang related or says it's inapropriate. What schools mask this as is purging of the negative influences in the classroom, which I think is one of lifes biggest lies. Its a biased discrimination against something that offends a singular person, the authority figure is most always the so called victim.

And then comes uniforms, a crutch many PUBLIC schools are implimenting. What it is again is a vague lie to keep an angry staff member from blowing up at their uncomfortable job because they become disgusted at superior complexes of individual students. Not only that, It's used as a crutch for the students. keeping them from dealing from the harsh reality of life, that you WILL be judged by your appearance and your income. Im not saying this is right, but if school is practice for the future, we're dooming the youth of this nation. We're not being given the tools we need to put up with life when it comes time for us to go out into the real world.

Now i'm not saying that the blame is always on the teachers and staff. For this matter it stands that some student are ignorant and abuse the privilages they're given. But does that mean that our personalities and idividualities should be burned at the stake for the sake of unruly students? Education is the main purpose of school might be a rubuttal to this whole argument, but without the emotional stability and the confidence in ourselves education will mean nothing because we will lack the tonacity to use it.

What your opinion is, thats your business. But I didnt write this to please, but to inform....

Posted on August 2nd, 2008 at 06:59pm


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