Things that really grind my gears

I am a very hateful person honestly. And I hate it. ~Awkward~

1. People who are lazy about hair extensions
Okay so I have nothing against hair extensions in general, it's just when people take them and shove them into their head and walk around like they own the place. YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT#*$&*#(&. You should at least try to wear them properly. This goes for natural looking ones and those crazy scene kid ones with the stripes. I've never worn extensions before but if you have a hard time putting them in... GET SOMEONE TO HELP YOU! It's not like extensions make you look like crap instantly. Some are put in very well and you can't really tell.
examples~ BAD@#^@& & Better... & plz don't do this & very nice, i say

2. People who say they're fat when they aren't
Okay. So, I know at least at my school there are girls who talk about how fat they are, when they wear like a size 0 or less. And it makes me feel bad because I wear a size 6 or 8 ~depending~ and I feel like a whale or something. So there are some people who actually have mental problems that includes thinking you're fat when you're actually very skinny, but this is like, every girl at my school.

3. People who say they are ugly when they aren't
So this ties in with the previous ~rant~. There are LOTS of people I know that call themselves ugly (I've finally stopped, omg) when they really aren't. I think a lot of it has to do with who they're comparing themselves to, but some people just look at every single itty bitty flaw they have and add them up into one big blob. Also, I agree with Ian 100% now.
jess1ca massacre: okay if anybody is ugly
jess1ca massacre: it's me.
jess1ca massacre: there. it's settled.
tuggian: ok thats true sorry
tuggian: no just kidding
tuggian: were all beautiful
jess1ca massacre: .....
tuggian: no one has the right to say anyones ugly
tuggian: not even yourself

4. Dentists who talk to you while cleaning your face.
Okay, Alyssa you get the credit for this one but DUDE. My dentist's hands are HUGE. And he like, tries to talk to me while I'm getting my teeth cleaned and sh!t and I'm just like spitting all over the place and mumbling random stuff and to be honest it's quite embarrassing. And he loooves to talk about his daughter, who is like an A+++++++++++++ student and on a semi-professional swimming team or something and I'm the C+ student who passes her classes averagely and I'm like, "Okay I GET that your daughter is amazing, now gtfo!"

5. Kids who try to act ~serious~ on their myspace profiles.
There are SO many people out there in the land of Myspace who are total weirdos but try to look "smart". NO. Just be yourself, alright. Don't try to be all suave or anything. Be the idiot you are. Just.. write what you want ~freedom of the press and stuff~ but dude. If you're really a crazy, outgoing, wacky person you'd expect a myspace that reflects that. But then you go on your myspace and it's all b.s. you made up to look cool.

6. Spelling.
Grammar Nazi. Seriously. I mean, yeah, I make mistakes when I write because I'm only human, but for frank's sake just try to use words and punctuation correctly? It's really not that hard. And get your franking their/they're/there and your/you're sh!t right. I swear to god that annoys the AFLAC out of me. Jesus fxcking Christ you might as well skipped all of elementary school grammar lessons since you don't spell anything right. And those signs with the unnecessary quotation marks? No one really flucking notices because no one can write anymore, but saying something is "Fresh" and "Made-to-Order" sounds like you're being sarcastic. It's almost as if you're saying, "Hey! Our restaurant freezes all our food and makes it a week ahead of time to save us some time and stuff!" Seriously. And when you're on the computer like I am and you are right now... there's a thing called SPELL-CHECK. And stop using so many question marks in one sentence. Same with exclamation points. Okay????????? This is really annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes, Alyssa, multiple ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿s are allowed.
Posted on August 6th, 2008 at 07:14am


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