I've got you to make me feel stronger.

In my life I've gone through numbers of obsessions, but there are deffinately a few that stand out to me. One of them being the brilliant english band, McFly. (Please give this blog a chance.)
From left to right: Tom Fletcher (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Dougie Poynter(bass, vocals), Harry Judd(drums), Danny Jones(lead vocals, guitar).
Please check them out: www.myspace.com/mcfly

Unfortunately for me, I live in Canada, so they're pretty unknown here.Which is why it's taken me forever to get into them. Anyways, straight to the point.
About a year ago, one of my best friends started obsessing over them. At first I was totally not interested, until I watched the That Girl video. Danny was the looker in the group in my opinion. I didn't think much more about them until I was shown a photo of Dougie. I then moved onto him, and shortly after; Harry(I've basically been in love with each member). My friends sent me a few songs, which took me a while to get used to, but I thought they were alright. This was during my FOB obsession stage, and I wasn't quite ready to move onto anyone else.

Only a few months ago, when I was at her place watching youtube videos, she showed me Danny's Disco. I'm pretty sure that's when it all officially started. I honestly thought it was the most hillarious, amazing video ever. If I can remember correctly, we also watch the movie Just My Luck(which they star in with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. It's a great movie, check it out.) I went home with a new obsession starting up. The videos I saw and the movie turned the spotlight to the beautiful, extremely talented, guitarist, vocalist, pianist, and song writer; Tom. (Whom Perez Hilton also fanciesxD)

Ever since then I've been madly in love with this extremely talented group of fit boys. Let's focus more on them now, instead of my boring story.
I've noticed how these guys are some of the most down to earth, funny, sweet, talented guys you will probably ever meet. They're always fooling around and making people laugh. (Did I mention Dougie was only 15 when their first album reached #1? Taking the Beatle's place in being the youngest band to have a number one album. Currently, they've had 2 number one albums, 14 top ten singles; 7 of which have reached number one...and the oldest member, Tom, just turned 23. If that's not crazy success, then I don't know what is.)

If you didn't know two of the members were in serious relationships with women and that all of them are known to be straight, you'd probably think they were flaming gay and all dating each other. You can't even imagine the fan fics that come out of this. I mean, take all of the bands that act gay with each other(nothing wrong with it, obviously), times it by ten, and you've got McFly. It makes for a proper good laugh though. (They also have seemed to poison my mind with british slang, as you might have noticed. All of which I don't mean to put in there)

Let's meet the guys, shall we?

Danny: Wow. Where do I even begin. I honestly didn't know it was possible for a human to be as daft as he is. It's actually unbelievable. He's such a dolt, but it's so cute and funny. He makes me feel not quite as dumb. In the words of Dougie, "I used to think I was stupid. Then I met Danny." Once you get past all of the stupidity and dopey-ness, he has a killer personality. Not to mention, a pure knack for music. His singing voice is very unique and beautiful, sometimes quite raspy which I love. He writes great music, and I have to say, his guitar solos are insane. I'll never understand his obsession with his own nipples though.

Dougie: Deffinately not as dumb, but still quite stupid. It's great though. His obsession with Blink 182, and Tom Delonge takes the word "obsession" to a whole new level. He's the youngest member, but still incredibly talented. His bass lines are utter perfection and can be so crazy or pretty. Simple or complex. I think he has a great singing voice, even if he really doesn't think so, and he has great song writing skills. In my opinion, he can be the most perverted out of the group, even if he does come off quite shy in interviews. Although, it may be wise for him to keep quiet, so he doesn't say something like "I'd like to be in a porno," on TV, among other things. I'd also say he's the biggest whore in the band(meaning he "gets with" each member a lot.)

Harry: An amazing guy who deffinately doesn't get enough attention. Unlike the other three, he's pretty good at sports(that we know of), especially cricket. His singing voice is better than he takes credit for, but he doesn't sing in any of their songs unfortunately. He's an absolutely amazing drummer; he's insane. I'm always in awe when I watch him play. Unlike Danny and Dougie, Harry is quite smart, which deffinately comes in handy in this band. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell though. Apart from all of that, he's extremely attractive, and so incredibly funny. He's pretty good at making fun of all them, which is awesome.

Tom: Where do I start? A singer with a voice that sends shivers down my spine, a pianist whose melodies have me close to tears, a guitarist who makes me want to get up and dance, and a song writer that forces me to close my eyes and drift away, with a killer personality that makes my heart jump and looks that give me butteflies. I have yet to find something he can't do. I think it's safe to say that I have an unhealthy obsession with him. He's so incredibly funny and really quite smart. I'd say he's deffinately the second biggest whore in the band. Some would call him a huge nerd for loving Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future(where their band name came from), cartoons, Harry Potter etc.but I happen to really enjoy most of these things as well. Along with that, he shares my love for space and aliens. He seems like such a sweet guy and according to Harry, he's quite shy(which I'm finding quite hard to believe).

They are all the type of guys who run around naked, but don't take for granted the things they have, and they love their fans to pieces. (Their 4th album, Radio:Active is out Sept.22nd. Check it out) From songs about not being able to get girls, to feeling alone, to being in love, to break up songs, to songs about their fathers, to being happy, to songs about staying strong; they've impacted so many lives just like mine.

This was a long story made even longer. They've changed my life in a way I never knew was possible for a band to do. They may not have saved my life(not yet at least. I hope they won't need to.) but they have made a huge impact on me. Ever since I started listening to them, I've become significantly/noticeably happier. I'm not so much of a pessimist anymore. Anytime I'm upset, I turn their music on and I'm cheered up instantly. I don't know how I've lived without them. They mean more to me than I knew could be possible in such a short amount of time. They've taught me how to smile in times when it seemed almost impossible. They've shown me that dreams can come true, no matter how far away they seem. I believe that they have made me stronger and I feel like I can get through anything I encounter as long as I have their music. Having their music has made me feel like I'm able to let go of the things that I've wanted to let go of for ages now. I feel like I can move on from the past and bring in the future. I don't feel as alone anymore with their music. I mean it when I say they've changed my life and saved me in so many different ways.

If you just read this over-sized blog about one of my favourite bands, Thank You. I swear it's longer than I meant for it to be.
Posted on August 28th, 2008 at 05:18pm


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