Punks not music

Everybody looking at my title is ready to slit my throat. But its true, punks not music. Everybody who likes the genera called "punk" never realised that it really has no specific traits besides heavy base lines and fast beats. If you ask me punk is more an ethic. Punks are people who are fed up, abused, and rejected for no reason other than thinking different than others. But thats not what makes us punk, what makes us that way we are is that instead of putting up, conforming, or throwing a pity party, we rise above the people who try and repress us, we rebel.

We act out in a way where we make our own styles and choices that don't conform to others beliefs or fads, We take the initiative ourselves instead of relying on others, and above all we dont sell out to others, we do what we want to. Who we are and what we are, thats what we value and anybody who has a problem with that can shove it. We dont take no for an answer, we dont back down from a fight, we dont give up our dignity, and we fight for what we believe in. Its a "do it yourself" eithic, not a music style.

Now you might ask what I think about the classic punk bands like The Ramones, The Sexpistols, and other similar bands. I think they are punk bands, but they are not definied by their genera, they are defined by the way they think and act. And bands people say aren't punk, they should be judged by the same standards instead of how they sound. What you believe is your own business, and i'd like to here what you got to say....
Posted on August 31st, 2008 at 09:09pm


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