Sarah Palin

I've been hearing a lot of Sarah Palin talk, so I'm going to put my two cents in.

Personally, I disagree with just about every word that comes out of her mouth. These views include:

1. She is pro-life even in the case of rape and incest
2. She is opposes gay rights
3. She opposes sex education
4. She believes that Creationism should be taught in schools (I'm Christian, but I don't think those views should be pushed on everyone)
5. She is pro-death penalty
6. She opposes the use of all birth control in every situation (yes, condoms, too), including being used by married couples

And a couple things she's done that I disagree with:

1. She opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refugee to oil drilling
2. She fired someone because they divorced her sister
3. She sued the Bush administration for putting polar bears on the Endangered Species list and opposed the placement of beluga whales on this list because it would interfere with oil drilling
4. While mayor, she fired city employees that didn't support her re-election

On top of that, for those who are doubtful of Obama for his lack of experience, Sarah Palin has even less. She was mayor of a very small town in Alaska (which, after her wake as mayor is in financial ruin, by the way) and Governer for less than two years. Tons of issues we aren't even sure of her standing on because she has so little experience she hasn't even been able to issue a statement on them. She also has no foreign policy experience. At all.

She also said herself that she has not thought much about the war in Iraq. For someone who could be a heartbeat away from presidency, that's not good.

And although I don't think people's personal lives have much to do with how they'd perform politically, for someone who believes that gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage, Palin cheated on her husband. That's contradictory of both her abstinence-only sex education plan and her views on gay rights.

It's pretty clear that McCain only picked her because of her gender. For those of you who believe it's important that we have a woman with some sort of president title attached, come on. Women have exactly the same rights as men do now, and worldwide hold many important offices.
Posted on September 7th, 2008 at 01:27pm


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