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gsb, ask not what your forum can do for you, but what you can do for your forum.

by electing me, steff as moderator of this website, I PROMISE CHANGE. yes, change. you have been searching and PRAISE THE LORD I HAVE FOUND YOU GSB! I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU ALL.

now why you may ask, would i make a fantastic addition to the political party of this site? well, as best blogger of the month june 2008, as well as most entertaining person july 2008, i personally believe i have a lot to offer. such as blogs and entertainment. simple things like that will move gsb into the future. THE FUTURE IS NOW. for i am here and here is now and i am the future.

so outstanding people of, look deep down inside yourselves and ponder this;
"am i really willing to live a life where this FINE UPSTANDING MEMBER OF SOCIETY isn't in fact moderating this forum?"

i think we all know what your answer will be.

the point i am trying to make here is this: gsb needs change. i will bring change. i will bring love back to this community and only then will we be able to defeat the dark lord. with love.

the choice is yours. thank you.

Posted on October 1st, 2008 at 04:17pm


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