Tokio Hotel.

You gotta either love or hate them. You either respect them or laugh at them. There's nothing in between. Tokio Hotel have been in the center of attention since 2005. I remember when I first heard of them I only smiled weakly - another one of those silly one hit wonder teenie bands, I thought.

And to be honest, I hated them. They were on almost every channel on German TV, they were in every news report, in every magazin, shop, anywhere. I loved MTV those days because they refused to play Tokio Hotel, so at least one channel was Tokio Hotel clean. Unfortunately, it isn't anymore.

The world is insane, I thought, observing what has happened in Germany. Teenagers were crying and going crazy over Tokio Hotel, even worse than they did over the Backstreet Boys when I was their age. Documentaries were shown about parents going with their kids to the concerts, having special "parents rooms" at the concert where they could wait for their kids. Girls crying their heart out because the guitarist was seen with an unknown girl. I mean seriously - what the heck?
Gossip newspapers were full of stories about the band members, many of them about the guitarist claiming at the age of idk 16 that he has had sex with hundrets of girls. Sorry but please stay down-to-earth.

I always laughed about Tokio Hotel. It's simply not my age, not my type. I never liked people comparing them to Green Day and other serious bands, I thought it was rediculous, and I honestly still think so. They started to sing in English for the fame. Tokio Hotel are a part of a big project of managers and producers wanting to do the next big thing. Well they did it.

Nevertheless, I have a lot of respect for what they have achieved. They have fans all over the world, they work hard and they touch the kids' hearts. And that is most important. It is very difficult for a band from somewhere outside the USA or Great Britan to get that successful all over the world. Also, a very big plus is that they play their own instruments and motivate kids to play instruments, too.

As you could see, Tokio Hotel is not my type of music, it's too kiddy-like, I don't like the band members either. They seem pretty stuck up, the singer has an ugly hair style and the guitarist seems arrogant. I guess I'm simply too old for their music and attitude. I never liked them really. And yet I have to admit, I would have never guessed that they would get that big. I would have never guessed that they'd have that much of success. But they did it, they conquered the world. No matter if you like them or not, you gotta admit that what they have achieved is big and that they deserve respect for their big success.

Thanks for reading.

Posted on October 18th, 2008 at 12:17pm


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