The INO Song Writing Competition NEEDS YOUR HELP

Many people don't know this, but, has a Song/Lyrics Writing Competition.
I joined the competition in it's second theme, and have seen the number of people drop to where I'm the only person participating. This is why I'm making a blog here. After the seventh competition, the original runner of the competition quit, because the only person to enter the last few competitions has been me. After some time of being closed, people started posting in the competition's thread, asking/requesting that it starts running again, claiming that they'll take part in it. The competition got a new person to run it, and no one, except myself, entered.
Now, the original runner was given a chance to redeem herself, got ran another competition. We have entries, and now we need voters! Afterwards, would you like to see if you can win?
Do you like to write? Want a challenge in writing songs? Then this competition is for you!
Please join, it'll be much appreciated.

Foto by me.


- For people who want to enter, but fear their lyrics can't make it, you can still vote. Writing the song is only part of the competition. It's the voting that count.

- Have ideas for a theme? PM them to me, and I'll pass them to the competition's runner. Or, better yet, PM them to the runner yourself.

- If you don't want to enter the competition or vote, but still want to take part in it, PASS THE WORD ON, AND GET OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED. It'll be greatly appreciated by both Jen (the competition's runner) and myself.
Posted on November 16th, 2008 at 05:03pm


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