my old boyfriend, kris

He was sweet and funny, and VERY sensative. But maybe being sensative was what got him put into a state hospitol. I guess taht I will never know, and maybe it is best if I never know what made him go over the edge. Maybe it was me, maybe it wasn't me. I like to think that I helped him as much as I could possibly help anyone. But maybe I really did hurt him more than help him.
We met at this place called North Pointe in Carollton, Texas. It wasa treatment center. If anyone else has ever been tehre, please tell me. Mayne I KNOW YOU? Maybe I don't. Anyway, after he got taken out of that place, I learned a few weeks later that he had triedto kill himself by slitting his wrists, and it was really bad. They had to call 911 and then a judge sentanced him to a state hospitol. He is now, from what I have been told, in Terrel State Hospitol. i miss him greatly. If you know a guy named Kris Ramos, maybe he is my Kris, and maybe he is out of the state hostpitol. I will never know, I guess. His parents changed their home phone number, so I really don't know how he is doing.
We were both in that place for the same reason: cutting, or self-harming as some treatment centers like to call it. I am over it now. But i miss it greatly because it reminds me of Kris. Thank you for reading this.
Posted on November 17th, 2008 at 09:35am


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