The Homeless

I was on a bus on christmas eve getting some last minute shopping when two older women started talking about the homeless. They said it's the people's own fault for ending up living on the street corner and all they do is bumm it around. All I can say is that's slightly true for some people, how about people who are kicked out of their homes because they are gay.. Not right is it?

Then these two old biddies started talking about how everyone should be made to give to the people in Africa. No offence, not gonna happen. Their goverment fucked up, our own goverment is in crisis yet we are expected to salvage what we can from a country that's goverment that bought whisky and guns with their heavy donation in the 80's!

I don't give to the charities in Africa, charity begins at home.
Posted on December 26th, 2008 at 06:30am


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