Losing a Loved One

I knew a girl named Geminae. She was beautiful, smart, funny - She meant the world to so many.
On April 7th, 1991, my best friend in the whole world was born. She was brought into a family of wealth and good-looks, stealing the spotlight from her quick-to-envy brother. She was raised as prim and proper as she could've been...Or so her parents believed.
When she was barely seven, her father hung himself right in front of her. Not a year later, her brother walked out, leaving her mother and herself alone, and, by the time she was ten, she started cutting and starving herself. Her mom was too busy to notice.
I met her when she turned eight. We became best friends fast, even though there was a year age difference. Yet, no matter how close I thought we were, I knew she was always hiding something from me. Something just beneath her sweater sleeve, out of my reach.
Her problems grew worse as the years moved on. Her mother got re-married to a man name Seth, and was completly blind to the fact that her new husband was, in fact, nothing more than a rapist.
He assaulted Gem sexually, emotionally, and pyshically every waking moment he could. Thus, she spent more time over at my house. She'd spend the night four out the seven week days, and 'hang out' every other day. My mother wondered why this was happening, and I could not supply an answer.
When at last I learned the answer, I didn't tell my mother. I didn't tell anyone. How could I? It was a terrible, disgusting thing. I supose I should've told the police, but a tweleve year-old's mind is slow to think of such easy resolutions.
As each day went by we grew closer still. It was two years after I had met her, and I felt oddly attracted to her. We dated for about a year, and I had the best relationship with her compared to anyone else.
After our first two years together, she attempted suicide, ending up in a mental home for about five months. And when she got out, she did it 'right'.

The night she did it, she gave me this locket;

I keep it around my neck, close to my heart, where her memory and my love for her will always stay.
Posted on January 16th, 2007 at 02:48pm


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