A Hunger for You

the desire for satisfaction,
deeper meaning,
and something to put light into the darkness.
It is not a lack,
but a craving for that which would cease longing,
seal the void,
and love you back.
the pursuit for the one thing that might finally steep your mind in the sense of fulfillment,
true knowledge,
and the taste of genuine success.

It is a groping lust,
an absolute yearning for the object that could part the clouds,
break through the barrier between life and death
and bathe your soul in the divine splendor of the heavens.
Hunger is the one sense that is honest,
will not settle for less,
and has the power to show a person who they really are once the skin has been peeled away.

One day,
if we can force it back into the recess of our minds that no thought touches,
feel full after dining on a meal of nothing,
and imprison it once more beneath the rotted lid of Pandora’s box,
then the world might not be starving.


I'm writing this for school, so anything you can think of to edit this would be absolutely wondahful

Posted on January 4th, 2009 at 02:06pm


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