Something of a survey, GSB.

(I'm sorry for this, but I'm feeling rather bitter and this sh*t's twisted.)

So, theoretically, you have a sixteen-year old ex-boyfriend (the age will become significant later, so imagine, if that would make it weird, that you are fifteen going on sixteen) - he has been ex for just over a month, after you broke up with him because your friends deigned to tell you that he didn't want you any more.

Second chapter of scenario, and this is the important part: You discover that, for around half of your four-month long, rather involved relationship with this boy (incidentally the second half, in which you were constantly paranoid due to his behavior that what you would find out from your friends early in December was in fact the case), had been, as he delicately put it himself 'messing around' in the least innocent sense of the phrase with a thirteen-year-old boy. One which you know - goes to your school, no less. He is still 'messing around' with this boy, and it is beginning to become common knowledge among your ex's and yours shared friends. You can't collectively influence him - never could. He's a stubborn and strange boy, for all his attractions, but this strangeness beats the lot.

So, the options.

Do you, in this situation, feel:

a) Simply appalled and a little sick to your stomach.

b) Jealous and angry - this guy had your boyfriend's full attention for half of your relationship, and still does now that it's over.

c) Indifferent - it's really none of your business anymore what he does, because you washed your hands of him halfway through December.

d) Darkly amused - you couldn't make this sh*t up, and you flippantly wish this cherubic child the best of luck with your emotionally screwy former beau.

e) A searing combination of a) and b).

f) All of the above flipping from one to the other, increasing in speed for a minute after you hang up the phone to the news until you spontaneously combust, and your shoes are found smoking and disembodied a few moments later by your mother when she pokes her head around the door to see what made that strange "Foom!" noise.

I don't want you to answer. It's just a less whiny way of telling you my predicament.

By the way - One part a), one and a half parts b), and a generous but unmeasured dose of d) - but f) could kick in at any given time.

Thankyou for reading, GSB. It's good to have someone independent from the situation - someone who didn't know all along, unlike most of my friends.

One wonders how they didn't explode, but perhaps they thought it too important to protect my sanity.

Yours rather discombobulatedly,
Posted on January 10th, 2009 at 04:31pm


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