What Makes You Rebellious?

What makes you rebellious?

Is it the fact that you wear studded vests with 1000 safty pins and patches on it?
Is it the fact that you say that you hate the police?
Is it the fact that you say you want to drop out of school because school is a waste of time?

Sadly, those don't make you any more rebellious then the gum on your combat boots.

Dictionary.com defines rebellious as "defying or resisting some established authority, government, or tradition; insubordinate; inclined to rebel."

The thing that these "rebellious" or "hardcore" kids need to realize is that they are no better then the rich kids they snub. They are arrogant, annoying, and flat out rediculous. They walk around with their Leftover Crack or G.B.H patches and their skinny ripped jeans and combat boots and they think that they're making a statement. Yet, when they see an "emo kid" they tease him and call him a fag and whatnot, when they themselves look almost identical to the poor kid.

They say that school is a waste of time, and that they'd rather be skating or whatnot. It's kind of funny really, they don't realize how lucky they are to even be in school, when there are people all across the world who would die to be in their place, getting an excellent education.

To me, they're like fragile old ladies, they can't stand any other music. Their music HAS to be loud, aggressive, possibly screaming, and against something. Anything else they hear, they bitch and complain about oh, they're gay, this sucks, you can't mosh to this.

Being rebellious isn't about studded jackets. It isn't about mocking mainstream everything. It isn't about how many underground bands you listen to. It isn't about loud, brash music that would make a 10 year old cry, and it isn't about how hard you can mosh. It's about having an intelligent mindset and being able to defend yourself in a debate and being smart enough to decifer what's rediculous in your life and knowing that you will never let anyone change or morph you to make you better.

I think this quote from Henry Rollins bascially sums up perfectly what I'm trying to get across.
"The best way to rebel against someone is not by lighting their car on fire or by stomping the face in of a preppie, but by outlearning them and outliving them and being able to stand you're ground and say 'No, this is crap, I'm not taking this.'"
Posted on January 28th, 2009 at 09:17pm


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