Everywhere I go there's emo kids. Every one of them looking like the guy next to him and talking in a fake american accent even though they are UK residents. But it's come to my attention that this obsession isn't just a clothing style it's far, far worse than that. It's become a trend to be depressed. I mean fair enough if you are genuinely depressed and is receiving help but over half the stories I've heard. It's not a reason, it's an excuse to follow the crowd.

One day I was on the bus and this emo kid was sitting opposite me and he started telling me that he was depressed because his parents told him he couldn't go to some gig. He blethered on and on about how hard his life was but admitted that he didn't have a job and how his parents bought him everything he asked for. To me that's not a sign of having a hard life. So this kid started to tell me about how much he hurt himself, how much he wanted to die but was still here. He showed me the non deep scars on his wrists and exagerated how his girlfriend had dumped him for questioning his sexuality. I mean how annoying can you get. I didn't give two craps about how bad he thought his life was, and all because mum and dad said the dreaded word. No. But it's not just the whole I'm depressed, self harming and questioning my sexuality routine. It's much more than that.

It's the music. Frankly the music is crap. Thanks to bands like fall out boy and my chemical romance the kids of the twenty first century are following in the footsteps of guys who write depressing songs for money. And these kids buy their records and give the bands who apparantly deserve every penny because they've been hard done by. I'm sorry half these bands who write these sloppy words that they try and pass off as music don't know the first thing about a hard life.

Last year there was major news coverage over the emo cult when that young English girl hung herself because her parents told her no. She had music such as fall out boy and my chemical romance ( I know I'm not capatalizing their letters, but they don't deserve it) which influences her to completely over react. However of course the bands shouldn't be blamed for her taking their message too far that it's okay to self harm, it's okay to be depressed over the most stupidist things imagineable.

Personally I have no respect for the whole emo genre, movement if you can call it that because people are following the life of others instead of their own,
Posted on March 1st, 2009 at 02:07pm


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