Johnny's Revenge

This is a poem/song I wrote. It's taken from the standpoint of a kid named Johnny. I wrote this after hearing about the school shooting in Germany, and how it seems that kids like me, or younger, feel that school is no longer a safe place.

Johnny was a young boy
When his father up and left
His mama started drinking
So he started thinking

Well Johnny had no one to talk to
He didn't have no friends
Relentlessly teased and beat 'til he bled
It finally pushed Johnny to the end

Johnny went home and planned
A mastermind of the future chaos to come
He took his step-dad's gun
Shot him and his mom
Then he went to school to finish his plan

Johnny got his revenge
He took his own life to finish the deed
Johnny got his revenge
Everybody's screaming and everybody's crying because
Johnny got his revenge.

Not too good, but I tried. Coolio
Posted on March 11th, 2009 at 09:55pm


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