omg! Obama hasn't done ANYTHING yet!

Those are the words I've been hearing far too frequently recently. People complainging that Obama hasn't given us the change he promised, that he does everything for his own person benefit like every other politician. Both of those complaints are entirely unfounded. Things ARE happening in DC, things have already begun to move and change. Obama just recently lifted an enormous ban on stem cell research.

That was, however, one of the things that takes the least amount of time. The majority of complaints are centered around the economy. Let's for a second look at the measure of our situation. From the start to the end of Bush's administration, FOUR TRILLION dollars were added to the national debt. That's 4,000,000,000 dollars, if you're counting zeros. This is the largest recession since the Great Depression (oooh rhyme) and it can't merely disappear overnight.

Obama has been in office for what, two months? He's not a magic man that can snap his fingers and BAM! four trillion dollars and 20 million jobs are created on the spot. It isn't going to take a year to fix the damages that have been wreaked by Wall Street and the previous administration. It won't take two years. It won't even take four years. His first term in office is only the beginning of healing our country. You have to give him time for anything substantial to be done when the nation is in such horrendous shape.
Posted on March 12th, 2009 at 09:45pm


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