GSB, everyone read this!

We have to put some new energy into GSB. We are its users and we have to keep GSB alive! I want to fight for this new energy, for a new feeling, new power. I want to fight for a GSB like it used to be: alive and vivid.

GSB stands for more than just a community in which fans of a band can meet up and chat. GSB stands for more than just a forum with random users. GSB is way more than a normal fanpage, more than a normal community.
- GSB is you!

We all have our very own memories of GSB. Everyone of us has their own experiences with GSB and everyone does experience GSB in a different way. But we all have something in common: we love GSB. There is something that makes us keep coming back, something that attaches us to GSB. We have found many close friends on GSB, I wonder if any other page is able to create such a close connection between its users like GSB does. I don’t think so.
- GSB is you and your friends!

But all of this cannot happen if you don’t have the right platform. Dujo created a perfect website where its users can inform themselves but also get into contact with each other in various ways. If you’re more the chat type of person you can use the tagboard, if you’re into forums a lot there is a huge message board where everyone finds the right place for themselves. Or if you like random small-talk you can use the Blah Blah section. For more serious subjects you can either discuss on the message board or point out your opinion in a blog. Every one of us also has his or her own little individual page, our profile, in which we can present ourselves to others. We can even make GSB look the way we want it to. And Admins and Mods make sure that GSB stays a clean place. We have awards, and our very own game. And all of that isn’t even everything. I mean seriously, what more can you ask for?
- GSB is you and your friends in an unique environment.

I hope that all of you will help getting GSB alive again. We need to get involved again, we need to discuss, to chat, to make this page our very own special experience again. We need your ideas! Please share them.

I want to share mine. There is a part of GSB that created a healthy competition on GSB, provided GSB with a new quality and most importantly brought some new life into GSB: the GSB Awards. March is soon going to an end and you know what that means…it’s GSB Awards time. We all have noticed that the GSB Awards haven’t really had any proper winners lately. This has to be chanced. And I hope, once resurrected, the GSB awards will inspire us GSBians to create cool profiles, layouts and interesting blogs again and hence will bring GSB to live again.

I politely want to ask the Admins and Mods to make sure that there will be regular updates on the GSB Awards because that’s the most important requirement. If there are no results presented, GSBians will get discouraged to vote again.

So I’m asking you, my fellow GSBians, vote for the GSB Awards, fill in every blank line in there, and most importantly: show your talent, don’t hide it. Write blogs, create cool profiles and layouts, talk, discuss, get involved…and you will realize that GSB isn’t as dead as it seems to be.

Posted on March 15th, 2009 at 07:21am


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