Depression is not Something to be Joked About. [Rant]

I am fed up with the wave of kids I see, going about how they hate their lives and are depressed when honestly they have no fucking idea what their talking about. I have depression, and I have many icky things that come with it like isomnia and anxiety, but even though I do I don't run around saying how awful my life is, showing that I cut myself [I don't do this, it's just an example] for attention and such. All they want is attention, and people I know who suffer from depression along with myself, are tired of it.

Depression seems like it's being glamorised, I do not know by what, but some how kids are thinking it's cool to be depressed. For example, I was at lunch and a girl at my table all of a sudden pulled up her sleeves showed us the underside of her arm where she had cut herself and said, "I'm emo, don't tell anybody" I mean honestly, what the hell? I mean if you stick to the stereotypes and labels [Which I personally don't] She wouldn't be thought of as emo, she's I don't know, I don't know labels all to well, so I'll say prep. And if you don't what to anybody to know why say something about it in the first place? Like I said, attention that's all she wants. I didn't even know this girl very well, she just sat with us that day. I decided to be nice and talk to her and then she drops that on us, I tried to not say anything about how stupid I thought she was. The next day we moved to a new table, far away where she wouldn't find us.

Another example is I was in math right, and this kid that tries to act like he's with some clique and like always never pulls up his sleeves, and such and then one day he pulls them up so people could clearly see that he cut himself, with the way he showed his arms. I mean sometimes, I know kids need help, but I can tell the difference between the attention cutters, and the cutters who need help, I always try to help them. This was another attention cutter. I hear kids talking about how awful their parents are because they didn't let them go out, so there life sucks and so they want to kill themselves.

Suicide is even a more serious subject not to joke about, I HATE it when people do. That is a very serious topic, and you're little teenage dramas are no reason to joke it. I've been suicidal, I know the signs and I know what it should look like, you're going around acting lke a happy person and then, "I hate my life I want to kill myself, my parents don't get it. I mean I tried going to this MCR concert and they wouldn't let me. I hate them so much."

I'm not even making that up there was a kid complaing about that and said all that stuff. Am I the only one that sees this type of stuff? It's ridiculous, I wish they could experince actual depression so they know what they're saying they have. It is a terrible thing I wish everyday that I don't have to have it. But I'm stuck with and I make the best of it, if that means putting on a fake smile, I'll do it. Not cry about how depression is so horrible and try to make everyone feel sorry for me. Why make other people feel bad? It's stupid.
Posted on April 5th, 2009 at 02:46pm


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