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A teenager scrawls his name on the wall, “Dizzi waz chillin’ 2009”. It’s deemed graffiti within moments. There’s no artistic quality, it’s simply spray painted on in a simple black, over the top of a faded pink name from 2003. As people pass, they will hardly think art.

Graffiti is described by Wikipedia as: “A form of vandalism involving painted text or images”. Which in all fairness seems a simple concept. But what about that line when it meets art?

Banksy is an unknown artist whose art has stunned a generation, by spraying paint onto public walls. It may just be me, but this seems an awful lot like graffiti? However, often his work is perceived as being art, not scrawls upon a public wall. He though is not the only one; he’s just one of the few we can put a name to. There’s thousands of people out their that produce art in such a way, next to scrawls of names and “KF 4 TH 4 LYFE”

Are we assuming this is wrong:



When this is right:



Therefore, are we saying that talent is the line between creativity and vandalism?
Posted on April 22nd, 2009 at 01:08pm


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