Expressions of Love

Love is, has got to be, one of the most complex things in the world, but its just simple, when you realize its there. Like, DUHHHH. Or something.

But its different for every person, I guess. The way you feel it, the way you show it, whether or not you even show it. Like, I have this friend and going through her facebook profile pictures makes me ill. Not because her pictures are bad (she's actually beautiful), but because almost every photo has a comment from her boyfriend saying "i love you mwaaa" or "you're so gorgoeus" or "my princess" or something to that effect.

I find it disgusting, actually. I think its weird and gross. I think it's suffocating.

But that's just me. If I had a romantic partner (hahaha that's a huge if), I really don't think I'd do that. At all. I'd like to hug them or feel their arms around my shoulders or just hold hands. But I wouldn't kiss in public. I wouldn't keep saying ilyilyilyily in every online conversation (because, y'know, there are more interesting things to talk about).

But again, that's just me. These two are the most sickeningly cute couple ever and that's just how they express their feelings.

I was just reading a blog on here, "They're more than just a band to her". I agreed with a lot of the things she said and I understood everything she said. But I am very different from her in that, I can't keep Green Day inside me like that. That's her and this is me. And there's no wrong way to express that love.

I can't keep them inside me because it...I'm not quite sure how to describe this. It feels like its too much. The happiness. The admiration. I babble about them insanely. When they have new tee shirts. When a new song comes out, when I first heard about 21CB, everyone in my social circle knew because I couldn't shut up about it.

But there are other things I can't scream and shout about. The way I love him especially. The way I wait for The Reverend in the dark, writing prayers in my notebook. Or how sometimes I just sit there and think about him until tears spring to my eyes. I think everyone feels that way about something or someone. And the way you show it is unique.

Some people hug their parents every day. Some people don't. Some parents shower their kids with gifts and affection and some worry like insane maniacs (like my mom...). My brother hits and/or bites me when he's feeling particularly loving. That's just the way some people are.

And I think its weird and cool how something as simple as love can be so complex.
Posted on April 24th, 2009 at 12:43pm


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