4Kids: The Pinnacle of Pure Evil.

Warning: This is my silly little half joking rant against 4Kids. But I will be spoiling the last season of YuGiOh, so if you have any intention of watching the blasted thing, don't read this. :]

Okay. So this is why I think that 4Kids is pure, censorfilled EVIL.

I've been reading the original Manga of YuGiOh, and let me tell you that it is not intended for little 7 year olds. It is filled with blood, guts, deaths, rotted corpses, skewered men, eye gauging, flesh eating ghosts, and cursing.
I watched my favourite season, Season 5/6 [depending on how you count the seasons], The Millennium World series.
Good. God.
They screwed up so bad.
In the beginning, Ancient Egyptian Bakura, self proclaimed King of Thieves, rides into the Pharaoh's palace and brings with him the rotted, mummified corpse of the previous pharaoh, pretty much just because he's badass. And in the 4Kids version, all intimidating factors are nullified because they changed it to a carcophogas. It's just a golden plated coffin. Uhm, you just ruined something that should have been awesome.
Another instance, a character named Priest Aknadin has an encounter with his future self, the embodiment of evil. He calls himself Zorc Necrophades, and his face is rotted away, an eyeball is missing and occasionally hangs out of the socket. In the 4Kids version, not only do they cut this character down severely, so that he is only there for 2 episodes, he also wears a mask so you don't see the severity of his physical presence. In addition, they changed him to a whole new character, Zorc, who is, what appears to be, Satanic. He's a gigantic lumbering monster with horns on the side, and what looks to be a dragon's head and neck coming out of his crotch.
Image <--- you tell me.

There was punching. That's gone. The characters spewed blood occasionally. Gone. Bakura's hands were covered in blood when he took out Aknadin's fake eye. Yep that wasn't there either. Oh, and they even censored hell.
Yes, they took out the fact that if you died in the Millennium World, you went to hell.
That's gone.
They go to the "shadow realm" where you just kind of sit there.

They censored guns*. They censored fights. They censored pentagrams. They censored female cleavage. They censored dialogue that made the characters seem gay [which they probably are. lmao]. They took out everything that made YuGiOh great.
YuGiOh was intended for teenagers. 4Kids made it for 7 year olds.
I highly recommend you watch or read the original Japanese season 5 of YuGiOh- it truly is an amazing bit of work.

Don't believe the censoring? See for yourself.

4Kids, you're evil.
I move that the original be given to Adult Swim, where they'll do it and do it right.
and there shall be Dan Green for all.
~Thank You for Reading~

Posted on August 16th, 2009 at 09:19pm


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