Juilliard School of Art College Essay.

OMGyes I haven't written a blog in a long time. This blog is one of my college essays during my tedious and strenuous application process. Juilliard is my dream/reach school but I definitely have hope and I hope this essay provides some insight.
What value do you believe your art form has for the society at large?

There are many values that song and music provide to the society at large. Among these are educational and economic benefits. For example, numerous studies demonstrate that skills obtained from the study of music are transferable to academics. In my own experience, I know that studying a song’s pitch and phrasing enhances my grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary skills both in English and foreign languages. Communities notice the value of song when their music students have better reading and writing skills, higher tests scores and are more creative thinkers. Studies have also indicated that music education produces people that are motivated, are disciplined and are not intimidated to learn and experience new things. One of the most remarkable things I have observed when participating in choruses and other ensembles is that singing with others creates social harmony because it promotes cooperation as you work toward a common goal. I believe music helps produce a more educated, motivated, creative and unified society. It helps a community’s economy as well. Music produces jobs and creates wealth for the society. The business of music and song generates billions of dollars for the United States economy alone. Musicians, composers, producers, business and talent managers, promoters, publishers, record labels, music venues, studios, engineers, music magazines and music journalists all reap the financial benefits of the music business. Businesses outside of the industry also prosper. Wherever music is performed, there are usually restaurants, bars, hotels, even parking garages that employ people. The economic value of music for society is impressive, as is the educational worth, but these values cannot compare to what song and music do for the soul of a society.

A song is an expression of human nature so is common to all of society. Race, color, religion or position in society does not matter. Songs can touch you deeply no matter who you are. They communicate the joy, hopes, pain, love and pride of humanity. They articulate what it is to be human. Imagine a wedding without joyous music to celebrate the occasion or a funeral service without songs that comfort and soothe one’s grief. How many couples are reminded of the wonderful feeling of new love when they listen to Rodolfo and Mimi sing in the first act of Puccini’s La Boheme? If asked, my friends and I would say that Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” spoke to us about the aloneness that we sometimes felt as young teenagers. And what American does not remember the special meaning of “God Bless America” after September 11, 2001? Song can also inspire and move society collectively. The African American spiritual, “We Shall Overcome” and Bob Dylan’s, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” helped to galvanize the Civil Rights Movement in the United States in the 1960s. And people of all nations are inspired and listen with pride to their national anthems.

The art of song and music benefits society in many ways, but its most important value lies in the fact that singing and music are expressions of human emotions. Songs are valuable to society because they articulate what life is all about. Singers reflect the world around them and through their art can communicate inspiration, joy, pain, love and hope that is universal. Through song and music we come to realize that we are not alone, that we are connected by a common humanity. Aristotle described it perfectly when he said, “song is man’s sweetest joy”.

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