10 Steps to get over a girl.

#1. Get REALLY REALLY Drunk with your best friends.
#2. Tell Your friends your problems.
#3. Go to a golf club and burn some shit Very Happy also play javelins with golf flags. Then run like hell when security come.
#4. Play Xbox
#5. Drink more
#6. Open all of the doors and windows in your house and play guitar REALLY REALLY loud through and amazing amp. pissing the neighbours off.
#7. Go garden hopping but fail because your so drunk.
#8. Run away from angry people Very Happy
#9. Play loud rock music
#10. Say you don't care about the girl, just about your friends.

They are the 10 easy steps to get over a girl Very Happy
You will need beer and friends to do it aswell.
You also need to be moderately retarded
Posted on December 19th, 2009 at 07:57am


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