Billie Joe is my hero

“I’m the son of rage and love; the Jesus of Suburbia.” These words start one of Green day’s hit songs off a mega-hit record. Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer/songwriter who was destined for greatness. I consider Billie Joe my hero because he thrived through all the hardships in his life, and now is still successful. He was born on February 17, 1972 and his band of about twenty-one years just released their ninth album 21st Century Breakdown on May 15th of 2009.
Born the youngest of five kids; Billie Joe lived in the tiny town of Rodeo, CA. His mother, Ollie Armstrong struggled to support her family working two jobs, (Rod’s Hickory Pit, and waitressed at a restaurant.) He went to Carquinez Middle School, and went to the same high school as his siblings, John Swett High. Then he and a few of his close friends transferred to Pinole High School. When he was in tenth grade he started his first band. After a few years, there was a band that would soon hit it big time. Green day’s original members were Billie Joe, Michael Pritchard, (now Mike Dirnt,) and John Kiffmeyer. They were discovered at the punk scene, 924 Gilman Street by Look Out! Records. After their first album, 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, the record company dropped John and replaced him with a drummer closer in age, Frank Edwin Wright III, (now Trè Cool.) From there, the band shot up on the charts, with hit albums such as 2000’s Warning, and International Super Hits!, in 2001. In 2004, they raised the bar even higher with American Idiot, telling the government that they are crooked. They survived all the highs and lows and are on the road to being legends, if they aren’t already.
I consider Billie my hero because he writes all his own songs, and doesn’t care what people think of his, and wants people to realize how corrupt our world has come to be. Billie Joe is a leader, and he loves to help the environment. His bold, independent attitude brings out the best of him, (and his sense of humor,) on stage. His self-written lyrics are deeply emotional. He’s dedicated to his band and family. Billie brings his wife and kids on tour with him too!
Heroes are leaders, and want to do the right thing. A hero also stands up for what they believe in. They don’t care what other people think of them; just what they can bring to the world. Heroes make people aware of the wrongs being done around them, and try to stop them. A hero is someone who wants everyone around them to be happy in a world that’s falling apart.
Billie Joe’s life was full of obstacles. When he was ten, his truck driver/jazz musician father died of cancer. This is what made his mom, Ollie a single mother, and was forced to work two jobs. Billie’s band, Green Day also had to overcome tough times. Before American Idiot, Green Day wrote and recorded an album called Cigarettes and Valentines, but it was stolen right out of the studio vault. The album was never released, and the theft led to the writing of their hit album, American Idiot. Thus, a new era was born from an obstacle, punk opera.
“School is practice, and practice makes perfect. But nobody’s perfect, so why practice?” When looked at from a distance, this quote seems unreasonably idiotic to most, but I see the truth in Billie’s words. When looked at with an open mind and with understanding of Billie Joe you understand his thoughts. This helps understand his complex mind, “Time passes by like lightning; before you know it you’re struck down.” His outlook on the world around him is far too wise for his age, “Home is where your heart is, but what a shame; because everyone’s heart doesn’t beat the same.” His love for music is stronger than his rebelliousness, “Music is the air I breath; it’s the blood running through my veins.” Billie Joe Armstrong is simply misunderstood by the world, even though he understands the world perfectly. He knows our world is corrupt, and is trying to give everyone a wake up call, and show us that love is still there is a messed up world.
Billie Joe Armstrong is my hero, and every punk teenaged girl’s heartthrob. His band has encouraged environmental clean-up, sold millions to billions of CDs, and even have a musical production. His songs, (and attitude) have inspired people around the world, and shown them that the government doesn’t rule your life. Billie’s wisdom is a unique discovery in someone at his young age. Let his music live on for generations to come, and inspire millions more to change the world. “Do you know what’s worth fighting for; when it’s not worth dying for?”
Posted on February 8th, 2010 at 02:17pm


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