5 Green Day Songs That Mean Something Special To Me

Many songs have special meanings to me but these are my 5 special Green Day songs.

1. Longview - This is one of the first Green Day songs i ever listened to and this is why I fell in love with them. It is not only special because of that though, I love it because it describes how normal life is. My life is extremely normal and boring at many times, as is most peoples, but to me it seems like mine is especially. When im bored I put on Longview and my life seems less boring, if that makes any sense. Smile
2. Walking Contradiction - This song describes exactly how I am all the time. I contradict myself at all opportunities and act differently around different people. This is a trait that I could probably do without but it makes me who I am. Sometimes different people need treating differently dont they?
3. Church On Sunday - This is an amazing song and i love the last chorus but where Billie elongates the word on Smile But it is a song about making compramises. It tells me, in my opinion, to remember that others peoples opinions/ views are very worthy and I need to compramise to make other peoples lifes easier.
4. No One Knows - This is a beautiful song, I love it. Again it is about questioning but questioning growing up. I do that a lot, I want to stay at the age I was a few years ago. I was reflecting on how much me and my friends used to hang out but how now we cant because of all the exams. It seems like my fun is going to end after this month, exams and more exams. But then I reflect and i dont know why I am thinking that because I have a whole summer of fun afterwards. Also, no one knows about me Smile
5. Why Do You Want Him? - This song means a lot to me after facing rejection from someone I loved who I now think likes my best friend. She has already been out with him and he wasnt a very good boyfriend so she dumped him. I love him but thats the truth. I find myself questioning why she wants him again. After listening to 1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours I was shocked how much this song describes my predicament. Lines such as "You've been feeling bad for so long, You wonder if it's right or wrong." Affect me because I just want her to feel good but I know it wont happen with him (ever so slightly biased though Razz) Then there is the obvious frustration of "Why do you want him?" A question I ask myself daily (although you is replaced by she)

Those are the 5 Green Day songs that are especially special to me. There are many more that describe emotions I go through but those 5 in particular have consoled me or helped me explain what was going on in my life.
Hoped You Liked, Kinda A Personal Outpour But Would Appreciate Comments. Smile
Posted on March 3rd, 2010 at 01:59pm


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