My Top 10 Green Day Songs!

1. Fashion Victim- This song is off the Warning album, and is my personal favorite. It tells us how self absorbed we are about how we look. It fits our world today.

2. 21 Guns- This amazing song always puts tears in my eyes, and has a lot of meaning. It's such a romantic, heart-felt song that nearly everyone loves, and will go down in history for 21st Century Breakdown.

3. Last Of the American Girls- Any girl can relate to this song in someway or another because i know sometimes I feel like I'm "out there."

4. !Viva La Gloria!- This song makes me think, and really just is great to sing. I love the beat and how much it makes me realize how I feel, "close to the edge..."

5. 21st Century Breakdown- I love the many messages in this song, it amazes me. In our world today we need a wake up call.

6. Give Me Novocaine- The lyrics of this song, depict some of my feelings, and the feel of it is great.

7. Jesus of Suburbia- I'm just gonna some this up in a sentence, An Emotional Song.

8. The Static Age- A song like this should be heard by everyone today. The message in it needs to be heard by kids now.

9. American Eulogy- I always love to hear the band's political views.

10. Misery- A story in its self, this song is always interesting to hear.
Posted on March 17th, 2010 at 01:29pm


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