So you wanna be a parent?

So you want to be a parent?

I was flicking through the channels today on telly and I came across the Maury show. I’m a big fan of drama shows and I watch them for a few giggles. Today’s episode was about teenagers wanting to have babies at as young as 13. I watched it and at the end, I couldn’t quite comprehend what the attraction is?
Yeah, a baby is soft, cute and cuddly; but surely people know that a baby still has the same bowel movements as themselves? That they wake up screaming and the majority of the time, you just don’t know what they want. That their as delicate as the petals on a flower and the slightest movement can upset them.

Becoming a parent is like becoming a celebrity. You get a moment where you’re centre stage and for the first week everyone knows your name and strangers in the street stop you and compliment your child. But after that week is over, you’re just another parent among millions. You go back home with your partner and child and you sit and think: What now? There’s that summer holiday we were planning gone down the drain. I guess we can’t travel like we planned, and I suppose I can’t really go out this weekend cause the baby is ill. Oh, look, there’s my friends coming back from that concert I was planning on going too.
But by the time these thoughts come to mind, it’s to late. At that stage, you’ve got to close the blinds and walk back to the crib, checking in a paranoid state that he’s still breathing and that the monitor works and that his nappy is dry. Maybe you should just change it, in case of nappy rash? But oh look, you can’t, because you’ve run out of nappies and so happens, you’ve run out of cash too because he’s now over a month old and growing like a horse, so you’ve had to feed him more and more.

Becoming a parent is an absolutely amazing experience, but at the same time, it’s a life long job. It’s not the case where you can just get rid of them when things get difficult. You’re in it for life, no matter what. When I became a parent, I cried for weeks on end. Most of you will be shocked to hear that, because I’ve shown quite a strong character. But the impact of a lifelong responsibility can destroy a person. The things that run throw your mind can be of the most drastic. I’m only 19 and my entire life now revolves on what my son wants. I can’t go out because my girlfriend is studying and I need to stay home and mind him. On top of that, I have my own responsibilities. Try juggling a relationship, a child, a job, college, inheritance, your own personal daemons and business all on one set of shoulders. It’s very hard.

This is why I’ll never understand how those 13 year olds could be so adamant, even after the experience Maury sent them on. There’s a lot of young people here on GSB and in a few years or even right now, you will be sexually active and for God sake, just think about it. It’s not worth it and yeah, it is a mistake. Shocker, hearing that from a parent. But it’s the truth.
Posted on May 11th, 2010 at 12:21pm


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