A day in the life of Elle

6:30 am: alarm rings, was planning to wake up but of course, it never happens. snoozeee.
7:00 am: finally wake up, with much pain though.
7:05 am: go to the bathroom, wash face.
7:10 am: scramble around, doing my hair and makeup.
7:20 am: get dressed really quickly.
7:25 am: jump in my car and leave for school.
7:45 am: arrive at school, stop at my locker.
7:50 am: eat breakfast with my boyfrannn.
8:15 am: economics. try not to fall asleep even though I like the class.
9:16 am: german. i love it.
10:17 am: physics. take some notes, get to do homework during class or do a lab.
11:12 am: lunch. have interestin conversations with my friends.
11:52 am: calculus. mostly talk to my friends and obsess over the sexy teacher Smile
12:50 pm: mystery and horror. discuss books but we mostly do nothing so I talk to my friends.
1:45 pm: go home. finally!
2:10 pm: get home. wash off my makeup, and depending on the day go work out or sleep.
5:00 pm: start the little homework I get.
7:00 pm: eat dinner.
8:00 pm: mess around on the computer, GSB, youtube, all that good stuff.
9:00 pm: take a shower.
9:30 pm: mess around on the computer more.
10:30 pm: bedtimee!

yes I know. my life is very exciting.
Posted on May 12th, 2010 at 10:25pm


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