Boredem, Brainstew, and Mountain dew

Write, write, write
Bored, bored, bored
Sick, sick, sick

im sick, bored, and drinking mountain dew. That should hopefully explain what i was talking about up there! I have nothing better to do then just sit around and write random stuff in this blog, because im sick which means no school. So im home just sitting on the computer doing absolutly nothing.

I wonder how much caffine is in mountain dew?............Whatever i dont care xD

Listening to castaway.......ummmmmm i have a flickr account now!!! my username is applecookies if anyone else has one and wants to check out my images Smile Since i didnt have anything to do i already made like 6 images.^^

Summer vacation is soon and that means closer to my green day concert!! (i do have a countdown) i really really cant wait and im so happy i get to go so im not complaining^^

By staying home im probably just getting more behind on my schoolwork but whatever im home anywayssss sooooo ill just do it tomorrow or something.

Have you ever noticed that if you turn your head sideways that the word OK looks like a little person?

my brother is kicking me off the computer now so i have to gooooo

bye bye!!
Posted on May 19th, 2010 at 02:42pm


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