Is Love a Crime

I don't think so, but some people do, and it kills me to hear storys about familys kicking out there kids because they are in love with someone of the same gender.
People need to grow up and see that we(gays), are not 'evil'. We are People, and we will never go away. We may hide the fact that we are who we are, but we will never go away, and people need to start the love. Hate should never be in our vocabulary. It shouldn't be in our hearts, or on our brains.
I read a short story on Deviantart, and it was a about a little boy, and he lived with his two mothers, and he came out to them as being straight, and then they yelled at him, and kicked him out of the house, and he ran away with his girlfriend. I bet you that if this ever happened, if a gay family kicked out their child because they were straight. people would beat down their door, and practicly kill them. But everyday i bet someone comes out to there family and they are shuned, and humiliated, and hurt because their family hates them. Over something as simple as who they are in love with. It wrong.
Your family, the people who loved YOU and raised YOU just kicked you out because you love people of the same sex.
I hope that people come out of there own closets and accept there kids for whom they are. I hope for Love, worldwide.
Hate is not on my heart.
Hate is not in my brain.
I love women, and I hope you can all accept me for who I am.
A person, with feelings, and a heart beat, just like yours.
Posted on May 20th, 2010 at 02:21pm


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