Rest In Piece, Paul Gray

Over a week ago we lost Dio, and now another much looked up to legend has tragically passed away, without even a warning. Paul Gray was most well known for being the bassist, #2, in Slipknot. Unfortunately I wasn't there at Download last year to see them, instead I watched them live on the internet on the official website going crazy in my room. I regret not being there for real, it would have been the last time I'd see him. Many people who went say it was one of the best shows they have ever seen. He was one of the three original members in Slipknot left, so for the guys that have been with him in the band the whole time, they must have really known him well and been close to him.

Sure he hasn't had the biggest influence on people in the whole band, but it's not all about his band right now, it's the fact that he was a great person who thousands of people knew and looked up to, and now he's just gone after not even living half of his whole life. As the band were recorded making speeches about Paul and their relationships with him, Corey Taylor (lead singer of Slipknot) described him as "The essence of the band".

Paul was found dead in a hotel room in Iowa with no known cause so far. What I find most upsetting is that Paul was married to Brenna who is expecting to have a child in 2010, he didn't even get the chance to see his own child and he was only 38 years old.

I'm sorry, to all of his family who must be completely heartbroken, and the whole band who shared so many great moments with him and having his talent with them. He will always be remembered for his influence on one of the greatest rock bands of the last fifteen years.

This isn't a very long blog and I don't know what else I can say apart from the fact I was really shocked by this, I didn't expect this at all, and he has my respect and deepest sympathy.

RIP Paul Gray.
Posted on May 25th, 2010 at 02:27pm


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