Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck In The Road

This is a bittersweet blog, thats why I used one of the lines from Good Riddance, a bittersweet song.
Well, I finish compulsary school in two days (friday).
This is extremely exciting for me as I get much, much more freedom and I never have to study English again (Burnt my Blood Brothers and Of Mice And Men books in chemistry today). I only do subjects that I know I will love and the thought of A level History makes me jizz (Im a nerd, I know but its my fathers fault). I get to leave school during free periods and go to my friends houses (I live 15 miles away from school). I also get to mess around more and I know that all of the teachers for the subjects I'm taking are awesome.
Then though, there is the bitter, I go to a highschool with a 6th form and there is a dedicated 6th form college about 10 miles down the road. 80% of my friends are staying at school but that 20% are all really special to me and it saddens me that their leaving. Of course I will see them again, I'm going to see Green Day with one of them in June, but it just wont be the same......
I would have gone to the college but for one thing.
One course that is absolutely vital for what I want to be (I want to be an Engineer and the course is Systems and Control) is wonderfull at my school but terrible at the college. This one course is keeping me from special friends and it makes me quite depressed.
I know that I'm going to enjoy the schooling at my school but the social life is so much better at the college and the thought of 500 girls all my age is extremely tempting. But what does it matter?
I have many awesome friends staying at my school and like I said I will probably see my other friends again at partys and stuff.
I just felt that I needed to write this though to express my feelings in some other way than listening to music (mainly Green Day).
I'm gonna miss you guys but:
"I hope you have the time of your lives."
We all have to deal with change in our lives, I'm just not very good at it.....
Posted on May 26th, 2010 at 02:34pm


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