Lily is a personal issue.

“I’m going to have that chick touched.”
If one could describe Lily in one sentence, that would be the sentence to use.
First, it covers her personality: Lily likes having girls touched on her behalf.
Second of all, look at that grammar. That is some nice punctuation and capitalization.
It’s okay if you’re jealous; most of us are.

Upon further study, we realize she hails from Canada.
She puts them to shame though. She doesn’t drink bagged milk, and she doesn’t say “eh.”
In fact, instead of saying anything Canadian, she goes off in Russian.

Despite all of that, Lily does have good qualities.
She can make people laugh, for one. Or she can rip them to shreds with her impressive vocabulary!
What else can this Canadian who defies the rules of Canada do? I’ll tell you! She can send the best bloody links of anything!

Let’s study her upbringing, shall we?
She was born in a bus. And instead of crying, she sang Pink Floyd songs. Instead of walking, she danced.
Admittedly, it was probably her stumbling around, but since her dancing looks exactly the same, it’s just better to say that she danced.

This sums Lily up as I know it.
She’s Canadian, so clearly she remains mysterious and full of moose.
But also Dutch, therefore fit for punishment.
Oh, and she has intense philosophical morals.

This actually concludes Lily: eh moose eh.

*For all legal purposes, any mention of keeping certain people on rugs has been left out.*
Posted on June 26th, 2010 at 12:58am


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