Top five (Rip my heart out) Moments in Buffy

5. Close Your eyes
Not that I like Angel or anything, But at the exact moment Buffy is going to kill him he becomes good again. Ow! I learned to hate Angel, he was a bad ass evil man. Then he just says "Buffy?" and all she can do is kiss him and tell him to close his eyes. Because she has to kill him now. How heart breaking is that?

4. I will Always find you
I'm a Willow and Tara junkie. And My love was only made greater by the fact that Willow was willing to stay and take care of Tara, Even when glory took away her sanity. In the last episode of season five, Willow Takes Taras sanity back from glory and runs to Tara. And this is said;
"Willow, I got so lost."
"I will always find you"
Happy tears, But still heart ripped out with happy tears.

3. I will be-
Anya, a vengeance demon again, goes on a killing spree. She is stabbed by buffy and falls into a delusion of the night sunnydale was struck with a sing/dance curse [see once more with feeling] and starts to sing about how she will be Xanders Mrs. That hurts because, Xander left her at the wedding. Then as she's getting to the climax of the song "I will Beeee-" we are taken back to Anya. Stabbed and she gasps. She lived for the rest of the season, only to be killed in the final fight to save the town.

2. "I let her be dead"
Tara died in season 6, Willow went crazy evil and never had a chance to miss her. In this season, Willow is good again and meets Kennedy, I don't like Kennedy, but on with the heart break. Willow has a hex put on her buy Amy. The girl who helped with her magic addiction. When Willow kisses Kennedy she turns into Warren. The man who killed Tara. She goes to kill again as warren when Kennedy shows up. After a moment Willow as Willow starts to break down;
"I forgot her, I let her be dead. she was never gone and I let her go. I'M SORRY BABY. PLEASE COME BACK" she falls down crying and so did I. This one suck up on me, I had no idea it was going to be Willow crying for Tara. I swear I cried for the rest of the episode.

1. Your shirt
I knew as soon as I started watching Buffy that Tara was to die. And the days leading up I teared when ever she was on screen. She was in the credits for the first time, she and Willow had sex, They cuddled. They kissed. They we're in love.
So in the last scene when Tara and Willow kissed and noticed Xander and Buffy talking my heart was ripping. And the gun shot and Tara saying "Your shirt"
She fell down, Dead on impact. Never knew what happened. Willow tried and tried and she couldn't be brought back to life. So I sat there and cried and ignored the fact that my dad was yelling at me for screaming "WHY JOSS WHY" And for the record, I'm still heart broken about it.

Theres my list of heart breaking Buffy moments. I'm gonna go cry now.
Posted on June 29th, 2010 at 01:49am


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