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Okay I've been listening to the same song by Generation X over and over again! It's called Kiss Me Deadly. I'm sure everyone's heard it but I am going to post the lyrics on here anyway.
(Green Day has covered this song and it was awesome. If you want to view the video just go to I'm not going to post the link though. Haha)


The greyhound's rocking out tonight
To maximum rockabilly
When two punks choose to risk the subway
For a tube to Picadilly
The Zephrys stir fast gangs for glory
Another dumb casualty
Having fun
In South West six
Hidden flick knife flicks
Kiss me, deadly, tonight

Another battle was won and lost
Down The Bishops End last night
Spotlights pick the kids in triumph
With a thousand scarves in, in flight, see how they run
Spring from the terraces in black and white
Young and old into the fight
Having fun
In South West Six
With violence for a fix
Kiss me, deadly, tonight

Seven o'clock they stand in rank
For the thirty bus uptown
And later in a downstairs room
She pulls her lover down
In ecstacy but they can't make a sound
Case her mother might come down
Having fun
In South West Six
Discovers teenage $ex
Kiss me, deadly, tonight

(guitar solo)

The Snooker Hall is empty
Cause they're all out playing pool
Hustling down the Fulham Road
Doing deals with Mr.Cool
Well They're on the waterfront now instead of being at school
Too old now, even to dig pinball
Having fun
In South West Six
Having fun
When a hidden flick knife flicks
With violence for a fix
Discovers teenage $ex
Tried shooting up for, kicks
Kiss me, deadly
Kiss me, deadly
Kiss me, deadly
Kiss me
Kiss me, tonight

(See where it says "Doing deals with Mr, Cool" Now who does that remind you of? XD If you have no clue then you should go see a doctor because something's wrong with your brain)
Posted on August 3rd, 2010 at 01:09pm


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