I was rooting for him to begin with but now I'm stepping back and thinking, uhm what did he say?
For one, you really shouldn't slap your wife's ass on live television kinda disrespectful, an how do you think that makes you look?
You shouldn't say, "I'm waiting for names, so I know who's ass to kick." when they ask you about something as serious as the oil spilling in the gulf
and the worst thing that really just plain offends me is that he signed a paper making it alright to have an abortion 5 months in to the pregnacy
My other perfectly normal, pre mature, half brother Zach was born after a short five months
he's not mentaly handicap either, and teh fact that a fully developed baby can be aborted now because the mother either made a mistake, or doesn't want the ressponsiblity (witch i find utterly selfish!)
is completly inhumain!!
his healthcare plan is just plain ridiculous,
I hope our er's don't have people on the floor dying because they have to wait
i had to go to the er last night for my knuckle, and i saw a woman sitting in the fucking waiting room bleeding, she had a very large gash down her leg because her boyfriend sliced her
That might just be because I live in Paris, deadbrain, Texas
Thats wonderful that he is the first African American president, I'm proud of that
but I'm not pround of a president that is making it harder for people with hardly any money
my friend is worried that he's going to have their food stamps taken away
and that makes me sad, she has it worse off then me, and for things to get harder would be absolutely tragic.
When Obama starts doing things right then I'll be back on the bann wagon
the only thing I can say is at least he's no bush
Posted on August 7th, 2010 at 12:46am


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