American Idiot. Act 1, Scene 8

Brain Stew

(Curtains open on the apartment, lights are dimmed and C and J are sleeping. J stirs and gets up, looking at her watch.
J: 4:30, great. No one’s even up yet.
(Sighs and J moves to the window seat)
J: I'm having trouble trying to sleep; I'm counting sheep but running out. As time ticks by, and still I try. No rest for cross stops in my mind,
(Gets up and goes to door 1)
J: On my we go.
(Walks out door 1)
J: My eyes feel like they're gonna bleed,
(Shivering because she has no coat, she snaps expecting W to be there, then looks around.)
J: dried up and bulging out my skull. My mouth is dry, my face is numb. F*cked up and spun out in my room, on my we go.
(Walks to center stage and sits, dangling her feet offstage)
J: My mind is set on overdrive; the clock is laughing in my face. A crooked spine, my senses dulled. Passed the point of delirium, on my we go
(Jimmy gets up and walks offstage, exits SR. C then wakes up startled. Curtain)

Ok another short one, but I promise they'll get long again soon. Thank you guys again for the confidance you've given me to write this, and even though I haven't posted all of this one yet, I think I'm gonna write a sequal with all new characters. Just an idea... :]
Posted on October 27th, 2010 at 12:57pm


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