American Idiot. Act 1, Scene 12


(Curtains open on the corner and the stage is empty. Enter Jos SL, hands in pockets, head hung, he sits against the wall.)
Jos: Take away the sensation inside, bitter sweet migraine in my head, it’s like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind…I can't take this feeling anymore.
Jos: Why did I do that? Why did I tell her I loved her?
Jos: Drain the pressure from the swelling. This sensation’s overwhelming! Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright, tell me Jimmy I won't feel a thing, so Give Me Novocain…
(Enter G SR. She walks to Jos and hands him a bottle)
G: It might not be Novocain but it’ll get the job done.
Jos: Thanks
(Take’s a drink, then chokes on it)
G: It’s a little strong, but you get used to it.
(Jos drinks a little more.)
G: I’m Gloria by the way.
(G sits and extends hand)
Jos: Jos
(Shakes G’s hand)
G: Well hello there Jos, you wanna tell me why a guy like you is wasting his time around here?
(G pulls out a smaller bottle)
Jos: Love.
G: In love?
(Jos shakes his head)
Jos: Out of love
G: Ah I know the feeling, cheers to that.
Jos: To fall in love and fall in debt.
G: To alcohol and cigarettes.
(Clink bottles)
G: So who’s the lucky lady?
Jos: Christian’s sister.
G: The redhead? Good choice, she’s pretty.
Jos: No. She’s beautiful.
(G looks up SL)
G: Well speak of the devils brother…
(C enters SL)
C: Hey Jos, Hi Gloria.
(Jos looks at C then G, then back at C.)
Jos: I’ll let you two be
(He gets up to leave)
C: Actually, I gotta talk to you Jos.
Jos: Ok what’s up?
C: My sister feels awful and wants to know if you could give her a second chance…
Jos: (Excited) Really?
(C nods)
Jos: Could you tell me about her? I barley know anything about her.
C: Well her favorite color is red, she finds politics incredibly stupid, she plays the guitar, but doesn’t own one. She’s 17, hates seafood, and is a generally unpleasant person if you don’t know her well.
(C laughs)
C: Her real name is James..
(Jos cuts off C)
Jos: James?
C: Our parents desperately wanted two boys.
Jos: Oh, ok then...
C: But she hates being called that.
Jos: So what can I call her?
C: Well Whatsername calls her Jay, but I call her Jamie.
Jos: What about Jimmy? That’s short for James right?
(C pulls Jos closer and whispers)
C: That’s another story for another day, but for now, don’t call her that.
(C goes back to normal)
C: Did you get all of that?
Jos: I think so…
C: Then go get her Romeo.
(Jos exit’s SL, C walks up to G and she looks up.)
G: Hey Christy, would you mind keeping me company?
C: Sure.
G: Sit down then.
(G pats the ground next to her and C sits about a foot away. She scoots over and leans on his shoulder)
C: Jos isn’t the only one with love issues you know.
G: Is that so?
C: Yeah, I can’t figure out how to tell this girl how I feel, I mean, the other day I tried to
send a letter to that girl asking her to by my own. But my pen was writing wrong, so I'll say it in a song. Oh I love you more right now, more than I've ever loved before. Hear those words straight from these lips, I'll need you forever more! Gloria, I think I love you. And I think you’re the only one for me.
(G pushes some hair off her face)
G: I love you too Christian.
C: Forever?
(C pulls out a ring. G gasps then giggles)
G: Forever.
(C puts the ring on G and they start to kiss.)
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