Angel or Devil?

Angel or Devil?

Are you an angel or just a devil?
Are you sent from heaven with a halo on your head?
Or were you sent from hell to fill my life with dread?
Were you sent here to fill my heart with love?
Or to burn it to a crisp?
I don't think I can take this
Angel or devil
It don't matter
Cause I love you
Can you say the same to me?
When you told me you couldn't
It felt like you ripped my heart out
So I took that ring you gave me
And put it in a little glass
Because it's all from the past
Now I sit here crying tonight
Because of what I said to you
I told you to get out of my house
You sat there quite as a mouse
I asked you why were you still sitting there
In that old green armchair
You said you didn't mean it
The thing you just told me
So you sat there and lied?
Said you didn't love me?
Well screw you and your friends
I knew you all talked shit about me
It's been five years scence that night
And I knew I was right
I saw you on the boulevard today
And I carelessly turned away
Angel or devil
It still don't matter
Cause I don't love you
I've sowed my heart up now
I don't cry anymore
But I have a scar in there now
From what you did to me
But it's slowly healing
As I look back on it all now
I think you were sent here to make my life a living hell

Posted on March 16th, 2007 at 11:15pm


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