Serious advice, guys.

1. You guys never take anything seriously.
Stop with that thing where you have fun, when it doesn't directly include me I dislike it. it's only okay to make fun of people if I get to be a part of it. But it has to look like I started it, Cause I'm cool.

2. "You're 13."
Who cares if cookie acts like an idiot, like most of us at 13? MUST NOT INSULT.

3. Trolling.
You're doing that fun thing again! without me! stop it!

4. Commenting
No one ever comments my stuff, so rude!

5. Moderators.
**serious moment** STEPH FOR ADMIN SITE MAMA!

6. Debating.
I win debates I start. Kay. Stop that.

7. Relationships.
It doesn't matter if you love some one, seriously love them, you should just leave. Obviously it's the easiest thing ever! All that time and energy you put into this person who treats you like shit, don't try and mend anything or drift away in your own time for your own health, just leave now. Kay?

8. Self-esteem.
Every one deserves some one to listen to, but these people with real self esteem problems.

9. Liveliness.
even though this place has been really alive lately no ones letting me play with the other kiddies so >=/ THIS SITE IS SO DEAD!

10. Green Day.
I'm sorry.. I can't even be sarcastic with this, who's Greenday?

Posted on May 16th, 2011 at 08:03pm


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