Are We The Waiting?

Everyone i know everyone i meet is waiting for something a change in there life a moment of success there luck to turn around to leave the place they are at and start new waiting isn't always the best thing to see i believe if you see something you want and you wait sometimes you miss your chance just do it even if you overshoot it you still tried you still did it when it is possible to happen example: your in love with your friend he/she means the world to you you admire them they feel the same way but you wait to long and he/she gives up on waiting on you to say your feelings cause you waited to long yourself to admit them he/she moves on and you both wander what might have been. another example: you have been working at a job for 10 years waiting for a promotion and you get offered a job at another place which pays quite well but you decide you spent and put to much effort into the job you already have and decide to wait it out and turns out that job you could have had turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to you and the promotion you had been hoping for never came. another example: your life has slowed down your lazy you tell yourself you will get up and change your life hours turn into days days turn into months the waiting becomes an issue or an safety line rather than changing your life for the better before you know it your to old to achieve your dreams you have lost all chances the waiting ruined your life in effect waiting is not always the best option. another example: your want to change your life is was often consumed in crime and voilence say you have a kid you don't know she is one year old before you know it and believe me it will hit you like a block of bricks she is 16 and won't have anything to do with you, you missed your time with your child and are not wanted anymore think of the 16 year old girl she suffered the worst kind of waiting the one you cannot change everyday since she was able to think she waited for you for 16 years and you didn't come until it was to late it saddens me the entire thought of waiting is seems absurd i'm not saying jump the gun everytime and every situation just that waiting is not the best anwser to every solution the opposite side i will explore to. example: your new at a job you have execelled and gone farther than any other employee before you but your new you don't have all the experience and you ask for a promotion and chances are you will get fired. you should have waited and learned more and the chance would arise on it's own. another example: you have just met a girl you know you love her she is just starting to like you but you imagine your whole life with her and jump to the chance of a proposal and you ask and your turned down because she doesn't know you enough and love needs time to grow if you waited and stayed together for a while you both would love each other and then asking at the right time waiting i admit is prefered. But i still think and maybe it's my personality that pushes me to that side because i jump into things before thinking but that to me is a thrill and a joy in life and times i admit it gets me in trouble sometimes but sometimes it can lead to the best things that would ever happen to me. But in the end it's up to you to choose depending on your situation whether it's right or wrong to wait. in the end i always ask: Are We The Waiting?
Posted on March 19th, 2012 at 12:28am


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