Top 50 Green Day songs part 2

It's been almost a year since I posted part 1 to this. I figure I might as well finish it. You should keep in mind I made this list before the trilogy came out but none of those songs would have made it anyway. I'm very disappointed in those albums but this isn't about them. I might review them in another blog but who knows, that might be a year from now!

This portion of the Cheechoo Countdown will be numbers 40-31. I hope you enjoy.

40 : "Jackass". The first song from "Warning" on the countdown. It's possibly the most underrated song on the album.

39 : "Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)". This song is pretty awesome. I didn't read all of my last blog but I'm pretty sure every time a song from this album came up I mentioned something about listening to it at my old job. I was living the American Dream, giving a half ass effort at work while blasting Green Day very loudly. I managed to piss a lot of people off in more ways than one. God bless America and God bless this song. Listening to it is one of the few good memories I have of working at that horrible place.

38 : "Restless Heart Syndrome". In case you're wondering why my old job and 21st Century Breakdown have any significance, let me explain. I got it the day it came out on my lunch break and the first time I ever heard it was while I was working. So sadly my greatest memories of listening to this album where there. And sadly I'm going to keep bringing it up so you'll have to keep reading about this mysterious "old job" that I had. Now that I realized I haven't written ANYTHING about this song I won't. Now you'll never know what I think about. It will be described as nothing more than #38 to you.

37 : "21st Century Breakdown". It's a great start to the album even though it's Track 2. The first time I heard it (at you know where) I knew the rest of the album was going to be awesome. And it is! It's really not all that catchy but it was always stuck in my head. Great song.

36 : "Homecoming". It was one of my favorite songs from "American Idiot" and I believe the first song to appear on the countdown from that album. I could check to make sure but I'm too lazy. Yeah I could seriously stop typing and take 10 seconds to see if an "American Idiot" song was in my last blog but I won't. Don't worry, I was in High School when I heard this for the first time, I won't have to mention "you know where". I was also a regular on GSB back in the "American Idiot" era. Ah, the golden days. ANYWAY, this is a pretty cool song. I like how it's divided up. It doesn't feel like a 9 minute song either, it flies by.

35 : "Misery". Before "American Idiot" came out it was the longest Green Day song, not that you really care. It's one of my favorite songs on "Warning" and was almost constantly in my head in Intermediate School and High School. I also have it ranked in my other blog for top 10 best Green Day songs in the past decade but if I was too lazy to look my last blog I won't look at this one to see where it's ranked. Well enough of my "humor", I'll just stop writing. No seriously, the blog ends here. Go back now. If you are still reading this, this is your last chance to turn back. You were warned, the blog stops here. Well not really, if you left I apologize but sadly you will never get to read this because you're off somewhere else. Possibly tweeting away while the rest of this blog goes unread. Did I mention I love this song?

34 : "Whatsername". I could go ON AND ON about stuff that has nothing to do with this song but instead I'll keep this one short. This song is really good and an awesome ending to "American Idiot".

33 : "Macy's Day Parade". Another great ending to an album. Not much else to say....hmmm what to I can't think of anything else. Um uh....hey look behind you!!!! *runs away*.

32 : "At the Library". The first song on "39/Smooth" and it's a pretty good one. Pretty much any Green Day song could have popped in my head at any given moment when I was in High School, all someone would have to do is say a certain word or phrase from any song. So this song probably was in my head any time I walked past the school library, you know since I never actually went in it under my own free will. I like their first album a lot, this song is a great start to it.

31 : "Jaded". The first song from "Insomniac" to appear on the countdown. Still no songs from Dookie or Nimrod, which is a good thing. The future of this countdown is bright. You really have to listen to this seconds after "Brain Stew" ends but that song has a much higher rank in the countdown. I wonder how many times I'll say "countdown" in this paragraph. Hmmmmm.........I guess that's it.

So that is this portion of the Top 50 Countdown. I hope Part 3 comes out soon and not 11 months from now. If you disagree with any song I really don't care but comment anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Posted on April 20th, 2013 at 02:44am


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