Attempted suicide victims should be tried for attempted murder.

The author has taken a NEGATIVE standpoint on this arguement.


The act or an instance of intentionally killing ones self.

It's murder, isn't it?

I mean, after all, you are taking a life.

It has been said that suicide is the one type of murder you can't get charged with. I supose that's true. I mean, obvioulsy it is, because you're dead. You're not going to put a cadaver on trial...But what does it mean if you don't succeed? Should you go to court and get tried for attempted murder?

Some people believe you should.

I just don't think it would work.

They argue the cold hard facts; you attempted to kill someone. Whether or not it was someone else doesn't matter. What they fail to add to their arguement is the fact that the majority of attempted suicide victims have mental disorders, which places them out of their right mind at the time of the alleged "attempted murder". You've seen it before. A mentally ill person gets away with murder, or attempted murder. It's called guilty by means of insanity.

Many attempted suicide victims have spent their fair share of time in mental homes, therapy, and even the school counseling office. Yes, I said "many", and notice in my last point I said "the majority". Not "all". The truth is, not all ASVs have mental problems. Some just want attention.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the amount of ASVs who do have disorders is much larger than the amount who don't, and, quite frankly, that's why this whole "try them for attempted murder" thing wouldn't work.

It all comes back to the plea of guilty by means of insanity, people.

It just wouldn't work.
Posted on March 30th, 2007 at 01:57pm


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