Stuff that bug me.

Here is a list of stuff that annoys me. Basically, me ranting.
If you decided this is "gay," and your just going to comment about how gay it is and crap, JUST, leave kay?

1. When people say "YEAAA," (like the rap style) or...w.e josh says. JUST STFU AND SAY. YES, NOT YEAAA. YES.

2. Be who you want to be. 'Kay? Don't follow a trend, or something that you don't want to follow. Just be yourself.

3. When people brag about themselves. Just, shutup. It's fine if you talk about yourself once in awhile, but I mean, every fricken second?! Enough.

4. Baby Phat. Kay I don't know why I hate baby phat, but wtf kind of name is that? The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Oh...uh, so the clothing and whatever is made out of babyphat? ..Ew."

5. LuLu Lemon Hoodies. Y'know those hoodies, that everybody has?
I mean, in 2004 or 2003 a few people had them, but oooh nooo, eversince Jessica Simpson, or whoever, started to wear them, people thought "OHMYGOODNESS I HAVE TO GET THAT HOODIE BECAUSE so and so HAS IT," Okay, now it's too annoying. Everyone has them.

6. When someone says 'Oh yea I hate (dislike) that person too,' and then you see them hanging out with them, and having a goodtime. Okay, y'know, that EXTREMELY pisses me off. Just, don't even get me started. I could write a 12 page about how much is annoys me.

7. MySpace. When the hell did that come popular. No no, how the hell did that become popular? It all of a sudden showed up, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, had it. And they still do. It's so annoying. It's like a freaking fad now. If you don't have it, well then your just not cool enough.

8. Gr.3-5's wearing make-up. Ok, there's something wrong with that picture.
1. Your to young, little ones.
2. Does your mother know about this?
3. What in the name were you thinking?!
in my old school, or anywhere else, I would see those age of people, wearing make-up at that age. It just makes me sad really. Imagine how they are going to grow up.
Ew. *shudder* I can't even imagine.

9. Gr.8's (and also gr.7's) dating. Holy crap. I swear that's like the *new thing*.
It's basically, "Oh, you don't date and you're in gr.8?! Well then your not cool." It's not cool. 'Kay? Stop trying to act like a gr.10 thinking your sooo mature to date, and to go out. Stop fooling yourselves.
You (we) are gr.8(s) trying to be as mature as possible, basically making a fool of yourself, then getting confused.
I mean, gr.8 'love' isn't going to go on. The 'love' is going to end.
I could seriously go on, and on about this, but I wont, because it will most likely bore you.

10. When people only think about themselves. It's always them first.
"So, if I was going to get hit by a truck, would you risk your life to save me?"
"lmfao, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Me save you? Omg, i've known you my whole life, hell, i won't save you."
Posted on January 18th, 2007 at 11:25pm


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