September Has Passed

September Has Passed
Shannon (Nikki)

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^ that would be me :3 ^

Well lets start off like this...
When I made this account originally, I said my name was
Nikki so thats what everyone knew me by.. but to be honest my real name is Shannon, Nikki has kind of turned into a nickname because of it though, so feel free to still call me that Smiley I just recently changed my username back to what it originally was so it'd be easier to remember me haha :3
And wow! I cant believe its been almost 6 YEARS that I've been a member on this site! Shake haha If it wasnt for this site I wouldnt have met some of the most amazing people that I know Blush

So, about me... I'm 19, my birthday is in April, I'm addicted to the internet, I love taking photographs and doing my hair & make up.
I love so many different bands and musicians, music is a huge part of my life. I like to keep my mind open to everything.
I also tend to colour my hair a lot haha So it changes almost every other month x3 But currently its orange/yellow and I'm going to try to keep it that colour for as long as I can because it looks freakin awesome Smiley

I really have to thank Green Day for a lot of things. They were the first band that I was really into, they helped me find who I really was. They made me realize that maybe I wasnt normal, maybe I wanted to be one of those people who wear alot of eyeliner and dye their hair crazy colors, and thats ok. They were the first band I went to see in concert. they were also the second band I've ever seen in concert. They were the first band I've ever obsessed over, lived and breathed. My world revolved around them. They introduced me to my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, if it wasnt for Green Day having them open for them, I would've never really discovered them. They really, honestly, made me who I am today. I cant wait till they tour again and I can go see them as the person I am now. Its been a long 5 years, but I wouldn't change anything.




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