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So, you managed to find my profile. Well, there's nothing too exciting here. I stalk the Mike threads, rarely posting. Most of my computer time is taken up doing that, or by typing up When I Should've Stayed Home (W.I.S.H.). Yes, it does spell out wish. Whatever kind of implications could that be?
I was one of those kids that liked to climb into the cupboard and bang on pots. No, I'm not a drummer. I used to make up songs too. No, I'm not a guitarist. I play bass.

Okay, so I feel like I should put some more.
Typical Favorites:
Color : I don't know, blue?
Food: I could do with some pancakes right now.
Computer Game: The Sims, hands down.
Video Game: That's tough. I love Mario (the original super mario for the the original nintendo), but I love doing racing games (Need for Speed).
Book: Probably The Lord of The Rings
Sport: Archery, swordfighting.
Holiday: Halloween
Moment While Temporarily Out of My Mind: Having conversations between the clock, me and myself.
Non-Instrument-Related Sound: Rain falling on a car roof.

Best Thing I've Done Lately: Nothing
Thing I Am Most Proud Of: I don't have much to be proud of really.
Thing I Am Most Ashamed Of: I have to decide whether I am ashamed or indifferent before I answer that.
Best Feeling In The World: Going through a song and getting every last note right, being exactly immersed in the moment of performance. No future, no past, no nothing.
Worst Feeling the World: The emotional infection/fever brought on by letting your hold on yourself slip for an irreversable minute.
Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done: Jumped onto some seriously risky footing from over a storey above, which resulted in my sliding/semi-controlled falling another six feet.
Weirdest Feeling In The World: Stumbling majorly in a very delicate conversation. You're happy that at least you don't have to be careful, you're worried as can be, and so nervous.
Last Time You Went Outside: This evening.
Past Life?: Yeah. I figured that last life, I never made it to my 19th. Don't get me started on that.
Dream Band Line-up? Slash and the Edge on guitar, that'd be an insane combination. If this was a solely recording band, I'd put Joe Strummer on vocals. If it was a soley performing band, Freddie Mercury. In practicality, I'd probably put Adam Gontier. Okay, bass, I'd put Mike. Drums, I'm going to limit myself to only one GD member, so Tommy Aldridge. Now, that lineup would make a song with so much stuff going on it would make your head explode.
Recurring Dream: Yeah. Nightmare, sporadically over the last decade.
Did You Lie On This?: Yeah, there's a couple questions that are blurry, and one in particular for sure.

Band: I switch back and forth depending on what I hear. So right now, U2, Queen, Def Leppard (once in a whle), Disturbed, AC/DC, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Pantera (RIP Dimebag), the Tragically Hip, Guns 'N Roses, Buzzcocks, Bad Religion, the Offspring, the Ramones, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Linkin Park, the Clash, I don't mind Avenged Sevenfold either, a bit of Black Flag and Anti-flag, and of course, Green Day.
Music: Well, as you can see, it's a mixed bag. I like the oldish punk more than the new wave stuff that's coming out. I'm a bit of a grouch, so I enjoy listening to some heavier stuff most of the time. I also get a kick out of instrumental movie soundtracks.
Hobbies: Playing bass/guitar, writing, drawing, painting, (a wee bit of singing) archery, video games, knife collection/use, paintball (I am the shadow in the prickly bush), horseback riding, biking, building medieval WMD's (aka, the swingset trebuchet). Is listening to music even a hobby?

The Part About Green Day
Person Most Likely To Get Along With: Billie Joe.
Why: It seems that we have similar personalities. I think he'd be the least likely to annoy me.
A Day With Green Day Would Consist Of: having a good jam session, picking up pointers, and then a night on the town.
The One Song You'd Ask Them To Perform: I'd love to see Welcome To Paradise.
If You Were To Fight Green Day, Who and Why? Mike, and not because I hate him. I think I could out-manoeuvre Mike long enough to--well, I'm not going to give up my strategy.
Favorite Song: Longview. I play bass, I can't help it.
Favorite Album: Currently, it's Warning. But that will change.
Feelings About
Billie Joe: He's a good lyricist. A good man? The jury is out on that one. Ah, what the heck, sure. Good looking? Why does that matter to people? He's a little scruffbag attention sponge in my opinion.
Mike : My inspiration. Basically, I want to be able to someday challenge him to a guitar duel and waste 'im. And, I am embarrassed to say, he makes the kind of jokes that I make. The ones nobody really laughs at except yourself.
Tré: He is a drummer. That's all the explanation I can come up with. They're all a little nutty, I think. If I ever find him, and any my drummer relatives in the same room with a bunch of percussion instruments, I am heading for the bomb shelter.
Parting Words: Good songs. Amusing men. I'd call them an influence.

And after all that seriousness, I will continue with a discussion question.
"If an astronaut and a cave man got into a fight, who would win? No weapons. Why?"


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