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Well... Haven't been here since like... The end of last year.
I hate the whole pink and blue and organized bit.
I liked the older grungy look. The whole sarcasm-integrated-into-the-site thing.
Ah, oh well. My whole thing shouldn't be anti-new-look.
Hmm.... Well, about me. Haha, it's MySpace all over again.

Music is my life... And that's a bit cliche but oh well. (Why doesn't FireFox have cliche in their dictionary? I know it's French, but beret is in there...)
If my parents want me to do something with them they have to pry me off of my computer screen with a spatula.
I love my friends and I'd do anything for them.
I like writing and drawing. They entertain me because I get to express my feelings through art. Right now, drawing-wise, I try to copy pictures I get from the internet, but eventually I hope to create something original. My rough writing creations can be found on www.quizilla.com/users/xDestinationDarknessx, and my art can be found on freddddddddd.deviantart.com. Smile

And, pertaining to Green Day:
When it comes to new vs. old GD, I prefer the old. Not that I hate American Idiot (unlike my friend who says that in his mind Green Day broke up 5 years ago. Razz), but I dunno... I just think they tweaked it so it would sell. *hides behind flame protectant shield*
Favorite album: Close tie between Nimrod and Shenanigans... But Nimrod wins.
Favorite song: Scattered
Favorite member: Well, Billie's the hottest, but Tre' is hilarious... *shrug*

Oh, and on a random yet relevant note... Why does every band have to make a message video? Don't get me wrong, it's good that bands are taking notice of the many problems in this world. But it seems like every video has a similar message. I mean, Linkin Park's didn't even really have a focused one. It was just all the bad things we've done.
I respect Rise Against for being among the first in this generation to make one.

Umm.. Yeah.
Bye. Smile


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