baller jessicuh.

baller jessicuh.
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dont like it THEN FUCK OFF

i'm jessicuh. i can't stand your stupid words anymore. i just want to break free from the chains you all are locking me up to. i'm honest, most of the time. i wish i could go back to when i was young. when life was a blur. when friendships barely faded. when fights weren't so harsh, when boys weren't so important. when what you thought of me didn't matter. when everyone being there own person wasn't a question, it was a fact. when smoking was "cool" and drugs were for colds. when people didn't lie about important things. when drama was non exsitent. back when life was ever so simple. when people didn't say things behing my back. when crying was simply for cuts.

i'm 14 but you couldn't tell it from the sight of me. i hang otu downtown with my super cool friends. i drink and smoke. i quit e. i swear a fucking lot. actually i've been swearing since i was like 2... i love my family. yea i'm a dork. i play cards at the dinner table with them. but yea no. my family is NOT perfect. were far from it. every family has it's flaws, jsut like every person. i am not aware of all my flaws. but i do know some of them. i like makeup. all pretty colours and fancyness and yea. i have ADD and slight OCD. i love homosexuals. there awesome:].

i change my profile a lot. i do it when i;m bored. i also go to random peoples myspace's because i have no life. i like all types of music. pop, r&b, rock, hip hop. but i do not like rap, well i like eminem[sp?] and ludacris. and i also don't like country. i like playing nintendo, i cant play like any other systems, it's kinda sad. my favorite colour is RAINBOW. i'm a gangster. BETTA RECOGNIZE.

okay so here's the point in time where i complain about how alone i am. so i've been single for way to many months. and some days i just feel really alone, and some days i dont mind. it varies on my mood. sometiems all i want is a boyfriend. and other times it doesn't really bother me.


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